Vyšná Pisaná - Ruthenian village

This little hamlet with only a handful of inhabitants is situated in the northern part of Low Beskydy mountains below the main Carpathian ridge, 14 kilometres to the north-east of Svidnik town. Its district borders with Poland and contains also the highest spot of the Svidnik region, the Stavok hill. The scenery is dominated by beech and hornbeam forests, while protected and rare plants such as Telékia ozdobná, Skopólia kranská or Snowdrop can also be found there.

Life in this region has often been harsh, which was caused both by external and internal circumstances. Among the former we can mention socio-political effects, for instance hard-fought battles of the World War II, while the constant duel between man and nature during the often frosty and snowy winters rank among the latter. Such winters, however, posses also a certain kind of magic, especially at Christmas time, when glittering snow creates beautiful images.

The necessity to work and earn bread for the families required not only coming to terms with often tumultuous political circumstances and battling with the forces of nature, but, above all, hard cultivation work, which was often grueling and tedious.

Spiritual life has always been very important for local inhabitants and regular visits to the local Greco-Catholic church of the Holiest Mother Decease , are inseparable part of life in this area.

Tourists from the whole of Slovakia come here in large numbers every year to admire a beautiful scenery and countryside of our hamlet and its district, and yearly climbs to Stavok also attract a lot of visitors.

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